Prose & Poetry

Sorrow Once Felt

If I had not met you

I would still be in a world

I built around me.

In darkness

in a castle

a tower

a moat

far from Civilisation.

A Civilisations I thought I had to fit in.

I bore my soul but hid my shadows.

I remember that place

where I scratched my walls

screaming but hiding.

I flaunted my pain

but it was not my pain alone

but the worlds.

Prose & Poetry

The Fates

The fates weave a cruel

crooked tale for us.

If you listen you can hear their cackle at every cliffhanger.

A taut moment in limbo.

A forever feeling of waking up at the very edge of our bed.

– wilnako

Prose & Poetry

You Call them Villains

Beautiful creations

Twisted by mankind

Wondrous minds

Designed for destruction

In their world

They are the heroes.

See the world through their eyes

Do you see?

They are the heroes.

They may seem blind

Driven with a twisted purpose

But in their minds

They are heroes.

– wilnako