Prose & Poetry


Through their eyes what do they see

Through their world what do they feel

We stumble in our world

while they drift by a thin thread.


Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

Prose & Poetry

Sorrow Once Felt

If I had not met you

I would still be in a world

I built around me.

In darkness

in a castle

a tower

a moat

far from Civilisation.

A Civilisations I thought I had to fit in.

I bore my soul but hid my shadows.

I remember that place

where I scratched my walls

screaming but hiding.

I flaunted my pain

but it was not my pain alone

but the worlds.

Prose & Poetry

Mother Moon

Oh Mother moon

Crash your warmth on me

Guide me through the endless night

Although I may not always see you.

I know You are there

Hiding, seemingly shy

But your smile when the clouds part

Creates a twinge in my heart;

For your smile is a charm,

A sight so right, so bright;

Like a blanket making things alright.

I howl with the wolves

Dance with the bears

Run with the deers

Sway with the winds and trees

Searching, yearning for your love,

Your light!

Others may dare defy you

But they don’t know your might

For I have felt your anger

It’s not a danger I say

but a way to you, my Mother.

A goodwill path to follow

No doubt full of sorrow

But no mind so narrow can understand.

a lunatic

Weak or mistaken

Delusional they say!

But have they ever felt it

The tear behind an ear?

That sting

The cut

That speaks of all things

The mysteries hidden beneath

But Sings to me?

Never mind,

I wish to tell you my secret

But you must already know, my mother

But I will say it, for I cannot hold it

know that I will always, always be,

At your every side,

Like no other.

– wilnako