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The Faceless Queen IX

A room away I could hear her crying. The sky must have felt her heart aching and had broken open, shedding gallons of tears into the Evergreen. The droplets slid down the crystals like they were tears streaming down her cheeks.

I groan rising off the bed, I go to the hot spring farther away from Kera.

I’ve sent out my men to find a willing sacrifice for a face, a high price in return would be given. A part of me hopes they find no one while the other fears if they don’t I would see my fathers ghost haunt me in the meeting with the other leaders.

Another voice whispers with Kera’s face in my mirror’s reflection. I shudder at the thought; Flora was a friend that once haunted my reflection. Months with her face looking back at me. The whispers in the hallways of the castle echoed with judgment, fear and worst of all, pity.

The doors of the hot spring open. It’s Kera with puffy eyes lost in her head.

I rise from the hot springs to go making her notice me. She stumbles backwards tripping over her nightgown.

“I’m sorry, I’ll go I thought you were asleep.”

“It’s fine, I am done.” I climb down the Hot spring steps fully naked. She turns her back to me.

“I’m sorry.” She mumbles.

“Sorry?” A little of the fury that wiped my face away earlier in the day unfurls inside me.

“As you say I am like the king of Uvelin, I’m sure I should steal your face this moment as punishment.”

I see her wince.

“You’re not like him. I’m just…” Kera begins to sob fighting it.

“I am a monster, there is nothing to be sorry for.” I move towards her slowly.

“I never hid it from you.”

She turns and hugs me. “I’m really sorry.”

She gazes up at me, and I could feel my power hungry to wipe her face away. To make it mine.

I struggle to free myself from her, but she holds me tighter.

“Let me go, I don’t want to hurt you.” But she won’t let go.

“I know you won’t do it.” She pleads.

A blaze spreads through my body enveloping both of us.

Something in my core begins to thread with hers like a gentle pulling and intertwining. Our souls were interweaving into something I have never done before.

I try to fight it afraid I’m killing her. I struggle fighting harder, but the more I pushed, the heavier the hold.

The fire burns out of our body making the whole hot spring room even more humid. The fire reflects upon the crystals in the trees making it look like it too was on fire.

Flashes of our memories intermingle in my mind.  Kera could see my childhood memories with Flora, my mother and father and my stepmother. While I could see her own, sitting on the floor crying in a corner with wires coming out of her ears.

A final tug and we both sink to the floor crying.

“Am I dead?” she looks around blinking plenty.

Relief spreads through me, I hadn’t killed her but what had happened?

fantasy, On-going Stories, The Faceless Queen, World Weavers

The Faceless Queen Part IV

The Enchantress, the queen, disappeared after the King’s death without a word.

As it was foretold, I ruled Eydollon.

The kingdom fell into chaos, it had never had a female ruler but I proved them I was capable.

King Ubel of Uvelin marched his men to my kingdom but before they could enter the outskirts of Eydollon, I raised a mighty wall that rose so high it touched the sky.

King Ubel sent his Skotos, creatures of shadows, but when they touched the walls they exploded into dust and transformed into little people made of glowing dandelion seeds.

King Ubel’s army left.

A war was prevented and most of my people submitted under my rule.

I say most for there are those, like my father, who believed a man best ruled a kingdom.

Even though of the undeniable proof.

Until today.

The next morning Kera comes to my table and greets me cordially as I answer letters from the nobles.

I could sense she found the book interesting but why was her mood so good. When the enchantress had given it to me I too had found it thrilling but it never changed my mood.

It told of myths and legends about the Shinkami. A fiery spirit folk that travelled to all corners of the world.

Beings with the power to harness the particles of energy.

“Thank you for the book, it was as you said an interesting read.”

“It was a book my stepmother gave to me. I like the story of Himiko, she ruled her lands at the age of fourteen and was respected for defeating the Kunoa who was turned into a hog.”

Kera laughs, “Yeah, I remember that one. She is a little like you I guess. You’re pretty young too to be ruling.”

“I am twenty years old. I have watched my father rule since I took my first breath. I am sure I can handle it.”

I nudge the sleeping energy in the the book. It quivers in her hand. I beckon it towards me and catch it.

Her eyes grow round.

“I never meant you couldn’t, I know you’re pretty badass, I mean you can do that, for one thing, as well as the other thing.” She says.

“What badass other thing do you mean?” I ask also wondering what that strange word meant. How did a bad donkey connect to my manipulation of the energy particles.

Kera begins to bite her lower lip and wipe her hands on her dress, she was obviously hiding something. It was likely related to the Misty she calls in her sleep.

I sigh.

I stand and turn from my desk to view my kingdom through a round glass window that touched the ceiling to the floor.

“Tell me Kera, would you follow a blind leader?” I ask.

“If she was as clever as she was powerful.” She replies instantly.

I laugh, “Do you think they would?” pointing towards my people.

She moves around the table and stands beside me looking down.

“You know, honestly, I don’t think you’re a bad guy. I think you’re just afraid to be who you are. If you keep letting yourself rule by fear, soon it will come back at you way worse.”

The room grows uncomfortably silent as I absorb her words, but who was she to say so. She had never ruled and my father had, he knew what his people expected. They needed a queen with a face. I needed to be normal.

I wanted to be normal.

“You may leave, perhaps head down to the metropolis for the day and gather what you need for the trip tomorrow.”

(Catch Part V of the Faceless Queen tomorrow!)