Prose & Poetry

Set Free

Far in a distant place,

a ring of emerald trees waltzes with the wind.

If they could birl without the constraints of the earth

they would float up to the skies.

The clouds would embrace them in a haze of cool water droplets

and the sun would gaze longingly

for he was stagnant upon the watery blue sky.

In the centre of the ring of trees

is a girl dressed all in white.

She sways to a rhythm

but with a fervour free of constraint.

She whirls and swirls

dancing around the trees

leaves brushing her cheeks

no purpose to seek

humming a song only she can hear.

A girl set free.


Prose & Poetry

To Languish

I feel dread rising in my heart

Fatigue in my soul

Searching I seem to be

For answers that can’t be told.




Running through my head

Does my heart feel

Or has it fallen like the dead?

Prose & Poetry

A Moment with You

I wish I could stop time.

To have everyone and you

be paused in a moment.

To get the chance to study

every detail of you.

The little stubble on your face

the feel of your chest

soft under my hands.

To imagine what ifs floating through my mind in silence and peace.

No other voices in my head but my own.

Pure curiosity.

A future with you.

Just to watch you

wonder about you

Then press the play button

and smile.

Confident to say I love you

and hear you wonder why.