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My Little Brother

You drive me mad

but I love you

no matter what.

The moments when you smile

right at me so bright,

it makes my day.

Your funny questions

that sometimes stump me,

makes my day.

Even that adorable frown

when I won’t let you play your phone because you have homework to do, makes my day.

When you rest your head on my shoulders as you read your book,

when you try to outsmart me

with your clever tricks,

when you won’t put your clothes on after you shower and start dancing;

it all makes my day.

My Favourite of all

is when we walk home

and you start singing

your favourite song.

Out loud, without a care

and I laugh and sometimes sing along.

Deep inside i feel a glow of love so bright it makes my tired muscles,

lack of sleep,

blisters and bruises

worth it all.

It all makes my day.


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